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Full time – Christchurch, New Zealand

We are looking for an experienced developer to join our Digital Experience (DX) team. 

You'll need to bring a passion for ensuring a great user experience in the delivery of high-quality web and mobile applications. 

You’ll be working across a variety of projects and technologies including various JavaScript frameworks (React, Ember), PHP frameworks (SilverStripe & Yii) and mobile technologies (Xamarin, Cordova).

Skills and experience

Technical skills are important to us, but how you work within the team and help raise the bar across Media Suite is what really matters. We consider the following behaviours and attitudes key to finding success in this role:

  • You not only demonstrate a strong curiosity and growth mindset for yourself but take responsibility for the growth of the team and look to share the key lessons with others.
  • You are capable of working with little supervision, seek out direction as required and ask well-considered questions before going too far down a blind alley.
  • You are a motivated and enthusiastic member of the team, doing your bit to ensure Media Suite is an awesome place to work.

Key skills you need to have:

  • Proven experience gained over a number of years implementing web and mobile applications, ideally with a strong technical understanding of PHP and JavaScript.
  • Excellent understanding of front-end technologies. Converting design files into well-crafted, robust and maintainable UI components should sit comfortably within your wheelhouse.
  • Experience working with CMS platforms.
  • Understanding of software security best practices.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • A desire to put the user’s needs at the forefront of your development.

We work with an ever-expanding variety of technologies, tools and practices, of which previous experience is appreciated (but not essential). Some of these include:

  • Git, Abstract
  • CSS, SCSS, Storybook, Invision, Mockflow, Sketch, Adobe Suite
  • PHP, SilverStripe, Yii, WordPress
  • Javascript, Ember, React, Angular
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • DevOps, Automated tests, Continuous Integration
  • Django, Node.js, .Net
  • AWS
  • iOS, Android, Xamarin, Cordova

Beyond just knowing syntax and patterns, it is important to be able to demonstrate good decision making for the long term health of the code base balanced against the immediate needs of the project.

Media Suite is all about the team. A part of your role is going to be helping out your colleagues so you will need to be comfortable with pair programming sessions and be happy to offer and receive feedback and advice.

This role will also require some solution architecture and system design. You should be able to identify the key infrastructure requirements across the stack and to explain technical plans to a variety of technical and non-technical audiences.

We genuinely value the cultural fit and attitude ahead of specific technical experience. If you think your experience will transfer to our stack - please let us know.

Our culture

We cherish our culture, so every hire we make is carefully considered. If you’re tempted to join the Media Suite team, be sure to read on and make sure our ideologies are aligned.

We are a team of curious-minded people who support each other, hold robust debates and don’t mind helping each other move house on the weekend. We thrive on challenges, we view our successes (and failures) as opportunities for growth, and we never, ever want to stop learning.

We value mindset over skillset and we believe the team is more powerful than the individual.

Our employment philosophy is simple. We look for the right people and then do what it takes to get them on board and keep them around. We aren’t scared to invest in the right people to help realise their potential.


  • $2,000 p/a professional development and training budget, plus time and space for learning
  • $1,000 p/a tech budget
  • 4% matched kiwi saver contributions
  • hardware needed for your role, usually a MacBook pro and dual monitors
  • sit to stand desk
  • barista lessons (so you can work the coffee machine)
  • weekly learning lunch (the lunch is on us)

Location of work

The DX team is located in our Christchurch office. Effective remote working takes practice and discipline, however, for the right person with a proven track record, we would consider a remote position. You will be collaborating with an NZ based team so being in time zone is critical.

About the work

We build web applications for local and central government, national and international business, along with a handful of charitable organisations.

Our projects are generally interesting. They are large enough to get your teeth into, but not so big that you get bogged down forever.

We are excited to solve real-world problems, actually making a difference in improving lives, the environment and efficiency.

How we work

Our mandate is to build the right thing by combining thoughtful design with clever technology.

We use various Agile methods to deliver our projects and continually reflect upon and make improvements to our systems and processes.

Working with us

If you were part of the Media Suite Team this past year, you might have:

Been a teacher and the student:

  • Attended New Zealand’s largest Javascript conference.
  • Presented a topic at one of our “Learning Lunches” or local JS meetup.
  • Signed up for specialist training in areas you are passionate about.

Built meaningful things:

  • Contributed to a government-backed system to help plan, coordinate and collaborate on the Christchurch rebuild.
  • Developed a range of environmental science databases which help monitor New Zealand’s natural resources.
  • Worked on a range of initiatives providing commuters with tools to reduce their commute time.
  • Developed tools to support the professional development of teachers.

Had some fun:

  • Built something cool at the annual GovHack event.
  • Wrestled fellow devs in giant sumo suits or joined us for a whisky tasting.

To apply

Please use the 'Apply' button on this page to submit your CV. Please ensure you include your experience and expertise along with some information outlining your background, current situation and why you think you would be a good fit within our team.

It would help to include links to some of your online profiles (e.g. GitHub & Stack overflow) so that we can take a look at some of your community contributions.

We expect to be interviewing for this role from 15 January 2020.

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