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Internship – Christchurch, New Zealand

We are a fast-growing web development team looking for a couple of interns to join us

We are a team that gets excited about solving real-world problems and actually making a difference in improving people's lives. We have a particular passion and drive to help improve environmental outcomes for Aotearoa.

During your paid internship you will be embedded into one of our development teams alongside a mentor where you will be contributing to the development of one of our products. The aim of the programme is to help you gain experience, develop your technical skills and give you a taste of what working in a professional environment is like.

While the focus of the programme will be on writing code, you will be exposed to the many aspects of software development. If you have particular areas of interest, and our current projects allow, we may be able to tailor the programme to align with your interests.

Technologies: JavaScript, Python using frameworks like EmberJS, React & Django. 

Pay: $9,100

Duration: 10 Weeks

Location: Christchurch

Dates: November - February (dates can vary to suit)

*We have a shutdown period of a few weeks over the Christmas holidays.

Maximum participants: two people


Technical Skills:

To join our internship programme you must already be familiar with JavaScript and/or Python as well as fundamental programming concepts.

To join our internship programme you must:

Be at least two years through or have completed a computer science, software engineering or relevant degree. 

Or: Have completed a coding bootcamp such as Enspiral Dev Academy 

Or: Be able to prove that you are exceptionally talented through a live coding test. 

To Apply:

Please use the 'Apply' button on this page to submit your CV explaining your current situation and what you hope to get out of the programme. Please also be sure to confirm that you meet the required prerequisites.

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